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Impurities mixed will affect the electrical properties of ceramic pieces

Fused Cast AZS Bricks - Size and shape of the ultra-poor on the assembly, especially for the use of a closure process manufacturers will cause positioning difficulties, and for the entire pipe coaxiality, air tightness and other assurance buried under the hidden dangers, thereby reducing the reliability of the product . In order to ensure the size of the porcelain shell, the precision of the shape should be strengthened to control and manage all the processes of porcelain production, including raw material processing, slurry preparation, molding, wax removal and firing processes.

Defects in the sealing surface Because the sealing surface is the key part of the ceramic parts and metal parts, it will directly affect the internal quality of the metal and the sealing, so the quality requirements of the sealing surface for each manufacturer are very strict. I plant the sealing surface of the site requires no cracks, pores, scratches, pits, mezzanine and so on. Porcelain pieces of impurities in porcelain impurities mainly from raw materials and processes. Some impurities in the oxidizing atmosphere is color, such as Cr2O3, Fe2O3, TiO2, etc., so under light can see the red, yellow or black spots, some impurities are colorless.

The inclusion of these impurities will affect the electrical properties of ceramic pieces, dielectric loss increases, reducing the level of pressure. Therefore, porcelain manufacturers should strictly control the quality of raw materials and process. These are some of the more likely to appear in the production test, these are all porcelain manufacturers can control or improve some of the problems, how to control these issues is the need for manufacturers to take seriously.