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The best Roller Hearth Furnace Systems of Roller Furnace from Luwei.

Description of Roller Hearth Furnace 
Roller Hearth Furnace continuous heating and work, Products are conveyed through preheating,calcinating and cooling zones on rotating rollers and are placed on selters according to the shape and dimensions.Products are heated uniformly by the upper and lower heaters(electric resistance wires,silicon carbide(SIC) or silicon molybdenum rods(MoSi2) ). 

Roller Hearth Furnace in industrial furnace for ceramic tiles with 1400°C is mainly used for pre-burnceramicschemical productssinteirngthe calcined powders and other industries Equipment with low faulure ratehigh degree of automationlow power consumptioneasy operation and maintenance and so on. 

Features of Roller Hearth Furnace 
Roller Hearth Furnaces are designed to heat treat a wide variety of products economically with uniform, repeatable results. There’s a wide range of sizes of electric or fuel-fired heating systems with matched cooling sections and material handling systems. 

Roller Hearth Furnace The Roller Hearth Furnace is a continuous or batch furnace concept that allows processing of small product in trays and baskets or larger product directly on the furnace hearth. Roller Hearth Furnaces can be provided in electric, direct fired and indirect gas fired configurations to meet specific processing requirements.