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Mesh Belt Furnace - The best Continuous heat treatment mesh belt furnace from Luwei Furnace.

Description of Mesh Belt Furnace
Luwei Furnace supplies the Mesh Belt Furnace is mainly used in the production of ceramic tiles table dishware bone teaset pottery bowls ceramic gifts and other ceramic building materials. The Mesh Belt Furnace is continuous heating and work it is made by the rotation of the ceramic tube as the roller kiln vehicle the ceramic tiles or bricks materials in the kiln inner chamber.

The rotation of the ceramic tube with high temperature (high-alumina) or SiC depending on the calcination temperature and ar driven by independent controller. Products are conveyed through preheatingcalcinating and cooling zones on rotating rollers and are placed on selters according to the shape and dimensions. And are heated uniformly by the upper and lower heaters (electric resistance wiressilicon carbide(SIC) or silicon molybdenum rods(MoSi2).

Features of Mesh Belt Furnace The Mesh Belt Furnace directly heating by the electric heating tube with internal hot air mixing. Heating tunnel include the furnace bodyelectric heating tubehot air mixing motorconveying systerm and the electrical control systerm. The top have the airoutlet port through the valve to adjust exhaust gas out. The heating tube at both side of the belt up and down which can ensure the fast heating and good heating effect.