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Reflections on the Development of Glass Industry Refractories

In recent ten years, China's glass industry has made considerable progress with the refractory materials, embodied in the large-scale float glass furnace kiln age, from 3 to 4 years to 5 to 8 years, and all materials to achieve localization, greatly Narrow the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries for the glass industry with the future development of refractory materials, and laid a solid foundation.

     In recent years, China has built more than 30 cast refractory materials enterprises, these enterprises in recent years despite the majority of varying degrees of progress, but most of the smaller scale of production, technology is weak, backward technology and equipment, product quality is difficult to guarantee. The company must have its own controllable production scale and supporting system of fused cast refractory, basic refractory, silica brick, zirconium, zirconium corundum, sillimanite, mullite refractory and new amorphous refractory material. Can provide the entire kiln refractory quality supporting materials to meet the entire glass industry, including glass fiber industry, the needs of refractory materials.

Glass furnace design, refractory production, melting furnace operation, maintenance, use and production of refractory materials and the use of scientific research between the four closely integrated, is to extend the melting furnace kiln, as soon as possible to reach the international advanced level of the important conditions one.

To extend the melting furnace kiln age must have two conditions: First, the integration of industry and trade branch of Refractories Company, to provide the furnace required for a variety of high quality refractory supporting materials; the second is to design, production, use and research Tight combination, to play their own advantages, so that the configuration of the whole furnace refractory more reasonable, superb design, meticulous operation, maintenance and management of high-quality refractory materials and supporting the supply must be closely integrated.