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Selection and Masonry for Glass Furnace Refractory

1. dense chrome brick

It has the best anti-high temperature E glass erosion performance, the erosion of the glass is basically no pollution, it has become E glass unit kiln preferred high-quality refractory brick.

The main technical indexes are Cr2O3 content> 94%, porosity <15 bulk="" density=""> 4.24g / cm3, and the erosion loss is only 1/10 of that of dense zirconium brick. The In the E glass kiln kiln unit kiln directly contact the high temperature glass liquid melting part of the wall, the melting part of the high temperature parts of the bottom, the main channel wall and the bottom of the pool, the transition channel wall.

2. dense zirconia brick

The corrosion resistance of the brick is slightly lower than that of the dense chrome oxide brick, and the isostatic pressing method is used. The technical index is ZrO2> 65%, the apparent porosity is less than 2.0%, the bulk density is about 4.25g / cm3, E glass in the temperature of more than 1370 ℃ there is erosion. The bottom of the melting part, the transition path, the bottom of the forming channel, and the flow path and the trough and the trough of the molding glass are used in the E glass kiln. In addition, dense zircon bricks are also used as a backing brick for dense chrome bricks.

In recent years, many refractory enterprises in China have also introduced foreign technology and equipment, but also produced the use of isostatic pressing molding sintered dense zirconium brick, has been the domestic glass, glass furnace furnace part of the application.

3. Standard zircon brick

The brick ZrO2 content of about 66%, bulk density of 3.7g / cm3, with good thermal stability and anti-peeling. The use of the powder in the erosion of the more serious mouth of the mouth of the mouth and the back wall, melting furnace observation hole brick and access to the flame of the chest wall and roof brick, burner brick. But there are also the use of AZS burner brick and the use of mullite brick for the transition brick and kiln side of the gap brick.

4. sintered mullite tiles

The chemical composition of the brick is Al2O3> 74%, SiO22.2%. Bulk density of 2.5g / cm3, the main purpose is the standard chrome lining brick, melting the chest wall and the front wall, access flue lining brick, large arch and foot outlet mouth outside the brick, heat exchanger entrance flue outside the wall Wait. There is also a mullite brick which is melted by mullite crystal and has better anti-high temperature creep and heat shock resistance. It can be used as kiln large and flame space chest wall. The effect is very good, the current localization has also been successful.

5. Fused zirconia corundum brick (AZS brick)

The chemical composition of the brick is ZrO234%, Al2O349.2%, SiO2 15.9%. Bulk density of 3.85g / cm3, the main purpose is to melt the mouth of the mouth of brick and brick mouth.

6. Fused chrome corundum brick

The chemical composition of the brick is Cr2O328.3%, Al2O358.3%, MgO, Fe2O35.2%. Bulk capacity of about 3.4g / cm3. Mainly used in the heat exchanger at the entrance of the flue interface brick.