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Refractory material production process introduced

According to the degree of compactness and shape of the product, there are sintering method, casting method and melt injection method. Sintering method is the raw materials of raw materials pre-baked clinker, broken and sieved, and then by a certain ratio and raw materials mixed, through the molding, drying and firing.

Casting method is the raw materials through the ingredients mixing and fine grinding process, in the high temperature melting, direct casting, cooling crystallization, annealing products. Their body is dense, high mechanical strength, high temperature structural strength, good slag resistance, the use of the range continue to expand.

The melt blown method is a method in which a batch is melted and then blown into a fiber or a hollow sphere by blowing it with high pressure air or superheated steam. Products are mainly used for light refractory, heat insulation materials, but also made of powder or granular amorphous refractory, temporary use of tar, asphalt, cement, phosphate, sulfate or chloride and other bonding agent cement, without Forming and sintering directly.