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China Glass Refractory Materials development analysis on the overall situation

Over the past decade, China's glass industry with refractory materials have made great progress, integrated in the large-scale float glass kiln kiln, from 3 to 4 years to 5 to 8 years, and all the materials to achieve the localization, greatly Narrowing the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries, for the glass industry with the future development of refractories, laid a solid foundation. But with the further development of the glass industry needs and foreign advanced level, there are still many problems to be solved.

China's accession to the WTO, foreign high-quality low-cost products can drive straight into the same time, China's quality products into the international market has become more convenient. Seize the opportunity to seriously analyze China's glass industry refractory problems and the gap with the world's advanced level, to take the right countermeasures, as soon as possible to narrow the gap with the developed countries, catch up with the world's advanced level, which will be our response to WTO challenges Best response. The following will be based on the current main problems, combined with the future development of thinking, put forward some suggestions.

First, bigger and stronger with strong technical innovation strength and international competitiveness of the Ministry of Industry and Trade integration of large supporting refractory leading enterprises, so as to enhance the overall level of the industry, driving the development of the industry as the dominant force.
At present, the glass industry refractory industry there are many enterprises, small scale, decentralized, low-level redundant construction, their own war, the market disorderly competition and so on, resulting in the overall level of the industry to improve slowly. In recent years, China has built more than 30 refractory refractory enterprises, these enterprises in recent years despite the majority of different degrees of progress, but most of the smaller production scale, weak technical force, backward technology and equipment , Product quality is difficult to guarantee. Sintered refractories have a similar situation. Thus forming a common product over the one hand, on the other hand high-end products still need to import the situation, and because of these enterprises cheap dumping, resulting in market chaos, a backbone enterprises to improve product quality barriers. Therefore, there is an urgent need for strength of the industry and trade integration of refractory companies,just like Zhengzhou Shixing Special Refractory Co., Ltd.It is guaranteed to provide reliable quality refractory refractory materials. This kind of company can use its own strong strength to integrate resources, bigger and stronger, and guide the industry to continuously improve the overall level, climb the new peak. The so-called bigger is the company to have their own control of a certain size of cast refractories, alkaline refractories, silica brick, zirconium, zirconia corundum, sillimanite, mullite refractories and new unshaped refractory production base And supporting system, can provide the whole kiln quality supporting refractory materials to meet the entire glass industry, including the glass fiber industry, the demand for refractories. The so-called strong, is to rely on the new strong, make full use of strong technical advantages, continuous technological innovation, enhance the overall level of the industry, making it an international competitiveness of large refractory supporting companies.

Second, the design of glass melting furnace, the production of refractory materials, the operation of the furnace, maintenance, use and refractory production and use of scientific research between the four closely, is to extend the kiln kiln, as soon as possible to reach the international advanced level One of the important conditions.
To extend the kiln kiln must have two conditions: First, the integration of industry and trade supporting the refractory company, to provide all kinds of high-quality refractory refractory materials; the second is to design, production, use and research Close combination, to play their respective advantages, so that the whole kiln refractory configuration more reasonable, especially the kiln more than 8 years old kiln, has not entirely rely on to improve the quality of refractories can be achieved. Superb design, careful operation, maintenance and management of quality and supporting the supply of refractory materials must be closely integrated in the past, the kind of each tube for a period of non-communication, disconnected from each other, the lack of the overall concept of the situation is the long melting of the kiln kiln One of the important reasons.