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Glass Technology - Glass industry development of refractory materials

To extend the melting furnace kiln age must have two conditions: First, the integration of industry and trade branch of the refractory plant, to provide the furnace required for a variety of high quality refractory supporting materials; the second is to design, production, use and research Closely integrated, give full play to their advantages, so that the configuration of the whole furnace refractory more reasonable,

Superb design, meticulous operation, maintenance and management of high-quality refractory materials and supporting the supply must be closely integrated, in the past that one for a period of time, no communication, disjointed, the lack of overall concept of the situation is long-term melting furnace kiln do not enter One of the important reasons.

Based on past experience, with the strong technical strength of Trade, Industry and Trade Branch of refractory supporting group more suitable, on the one hand he based on a deep understanding of refractory properties and data master, you can recommend to the design and use of various supporting programs ,for selection;

On the other hand, it can also provide various kinds of high-quality refractory materials to users and keep track of the use of the refractory materials. It can continuously provide services to users and assist them in solving problems that may arise during their use. The four parties often string together, frequently communicate with each other, complement each other's advantages, Form a whole, work together to improve the melting furnace kiln age and various technical and economic indicators.